Who’s Ready for Some Thursday Night Football?

Hey Friends and NFL Fans!

Are you ready for some pizza and Thursday night football?  As the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, all of us here at Papa John’s sure are excited about this new season.  We’ve definitely got our game on – and we hope you do too.   And, we’re rolling out a special deal just for Thursday Night Football fans that we know you’ll love as much as watching great plays on the field.

We’ve created a special Papa John’s NFL Thursday Night Football Fan Experience section of our website. This fan page will show you TNF team matchups and other information – and each Thursday, we’ll bring you a deal of the week  to blitz your game viewing.  We hope you’ll come and check it out!  This Thursday, we’ll be serving up a delicious Large Papa John’s pizza with your favorite topping.  And, to go with it, we’ll deliver our 10-inch cheesesticks and a 2-Liter Pepsi.  All for $17.  Whether it’s downing your team’s opponent on the gridiron or downing our tasty special of the week, we think that Papa John’s and Thursday Night Football make one legendary starting line-up.

And to get us all in the spirit of the game, we had some great fun a few weeks ago out in LA with our friends at the NFL Network.  Rich Eisen hosted us on the set – we had pizza and talked about the upcoming season, and it was a blast hangin’ with Rich and his crew.  Take a look at our Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek.   And, may the best team win tonight for Papa John’s official TNF Kick-off!


From my kitchen,

“Papa” John

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Click the image above to see Papa's special Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek video! 

Click the image above to see Papa's special Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek video! 

Facts About Papa John’s Ingredients

The August 13, 2013 article that ran in U.S. News and World Report about Papa John’s was filled with inaccuracies about our products.  Even at a cursory level, certain content in Ms. Warner’s article is misleading, absolutely false and unnecessarily alarming to consumers.  

1.      Papa John’s provides and has for more than a decade provided our nutrition and ingredient content information on our company website at www.papajohns.com, to the degree that is standard within the QSR industry and among the vast majority of fast-food restaurants, and that has always been acceptable to our customers.

2.      In review of other national QSR chains’ websites, and the majority of our direct competitors, we are confident that Papa John’s provides as much as and often even more nutrition and ingredient content about its products than others, particularly most of the other national pizza chains.

3.      We take great pride and stand behind the quality ingredients that make up our pizzas.  We do not hide nor have we ever tried to camouflage anything about our ingredients, the makeup of our products or our preparation process.

4.      We fervently stand behind our fresh ingredients and everything that goes into them.  We never freeze our dough; our vegetables are never frozen or vacuum packed – always fresh and hand-cut; and our sauce is packed within about six hours of when the tomatoes are picked. We add seasoning and spices, but not any kind of fillers to any of our ingredients.

5.      Our “better ingredients” are the hallmark of our business and our brand; it’s what we’re founded on and of what we are the most proud.  We take offense to the article’s erroneous claims and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect our quality products, better pizza promise and non-negotiable quality brand.  Our nutrition and ingredient information can be found at the following links: http://www.papajohns.com/about/pizza_story.shtm; http://order.papajohns.com/nutrition.html; and at http://www.papajohns.com/faqs/nutritional-faqs.shtm; and we have always been open to sharing and are, in fact, proud of the differentiating content on these pages.

6.      Our customers generally find what we share about our products is acceptable. We’re open to sharing additional information about our products – and will consider doing so.

Ms. Warner’s article was filled with incorrect, damaging and misleading information.  Unfortunately, consumers and good customers have been unnecessarily alarmed and are now confused by this article.

And from our founder, John Schnatter:

“I firmly believe that better ingredients do make a better pizza,” said Papa John’s founder John Schnatter.  “I encourage you to not just take my word for it, but to try it for yourself – you can taste the difference.”

Papa John’s Product Promise:

· Papa John’s dough is fresh and never frozen.

· We use unbleached, enriched high-protein flour in our pizzas.  We never use bleached flour.

· Papa John’s uses fresh-packed, all-natural tomato sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes and mixed with ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and salt.  We never use tomato paste.

· At Papa John’s, our beef and pork toppings are made with no artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives -- just real meat, seasoning and natural flavors like salt and garlic powder (except Pepperoni, which does contain some preservatives). We don’t use fillers and flavor enhancers like Textured Soy Protein Concentrate, Hydrolized Corn, Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate.

· Papa John’s all-white chicken breast with rib meat is free of preservatives, fillers, artificial flavors and colors. 

“Papa John” Schnatter & Willie Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty Featured on Entertainment Tonight!

“Papa John” Schnatter made the celebrity headlines over the weekend.  Entertainment Tonight celebrated his recent full-throttle tear down the drag strip with Willie Robertson, star of A&E’s hit reality show, Duck Dynasty, at a recent event honoring our U.S. troops.  The segment coincided with ET’s coverage of the blockbuster film “Fast and Furious 6,” which just crossed the $500 million mark at the box office and set a new Universal Pictures record.

The drag strip race portion of the event took place at the zMAX Dragway in Charlotte, NC where Papa John quenched his own need for speed – and invited the top “duck” at the helm of Duck Commander to join him for the white knuckle ride in his beloved Camaro Z28.  The pair hit 0 to 136 mph in just over 9 seconds.  Willie Robertson reportedly enjoyed the experience but said afterward that he “screamed like a girl ...”  Looks like he will likely stick to managing his duck call empire, but Papa John is sure to be back on the drag strip in no time.  Stay tuned!


America made it happen! Papa John's and Its Customers Contribute $400,000 to Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Thanks to the involvement of thousands across the U.S., Papa John’s contributed $400,000 in monetary donations, food and in-kind support for recovery efforts in Moore and El Reno, Oklahoma, two towns recently devastated by horrific tornadoes.  A special Papa John's pizza offer on Sunday, May 26, allowed $1 from every U.S. order to be contributed to the Salvation Army's Oklahoma Recovery Effort.  Papa John's also sent its mobile pizza kitchen to Moore, where more than 10,000 hot pizzas were served throughout the week to relief workers, emergency responders and struggling families affected by the storms.

“It was YOU – Papa John’s pizza lovers throughout America – who played a pivotal role in helping to get these heartland communities back on their feet,” said Papa John’s Founder and CEO John Schnatter.  “We know that when we act together we can make great things happen!”

With more than 3,000 North American restaurants, the Papa John’s family offers an incredible network of employees and customers who rise to the occasion to help those in need. "That’s exactly what happened on May 26 for these devastated families in Oklahoma," added Papa John Schnatter. “On that single day, our family raised thousands of dollars to help the Salvation Army assist the many people who were so sadly affected by these tornadoes."

Papa John's Franchisee Jason Opie, who has 11 restaurants in the Oklahoma region, kicked off local aid efforts immediately following the initial tornado by also donating hundreds of pizzas to the Moore community.  

If you or your friends or loved ones are living in the Moore or El Reno areas and you have been impacted by these tragic events, please share your stories here...because the power of “community” makes good things happen and helps us all to come together in a positive way.

A big THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone!

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